Directing (2020)

An elite group of eight students will go on a year-long journey in this program that teaches the fundamental techniques to directing Second City's style of sketch comedy and improvisation. From working with scripts to coaching improv to developing scripts, this five-level program culminates in a scripted sketch revue showcasing a sample of each director's work.

Each level is seven weeks long and each class will have 6 to 8 volunteer actors for the directing students to work with in class.

Applicants need to complete the Directing Program Submission Form. Please submit yourself for consideration HERE.

Directing Program · Saturdays · 12-3:30PM (1/11/2020-10/10/2020)

Directing Level 1: Directing Scripted Material

    Students will watch Second City archive shows and investigate what makes each scene work. They will take archive scripts and work with actors on bringing the comedy to life in several comedic styles and genres.

Directing Level 2: Coaching Improv

    Students will be taught how to coach improv through analyzing diagnostics in each actor and making adjustments by giving feedback, side coaching, implementing scene structure, character and game.

Directing Level 3: Developing Sketch Through Improv

    Students will learn the most efficient ways to use improv as a writing tool to ultimately create sketch comedy. They will explore multiple scene types and the easiest ways to get from point A to point B.

Directing Level 4A & 4B: Directing a Revue

    In these two levels, students will hone and develop sketches through improvisation. They will learn about blocking, running order, theme, director's POV, balance, and producing the best possible show. These levels culminate in a one-act show highlighting the best of each student's directing ability. Students will simultaneously become assistant directors for the Level 5 shows in the Training Center and work for a seasoned Training Center director.


Check out a Q&A with former students, current directors & instructors below:

Directing (2020)