Writing with The Onion Level 1 (Online) (2020)

The Second City has partnered with The Onion to present this fundamental online course outlining The Onion’s unique system of generating comedy ideas and stories. Learn how to create winning premises, essays and one-liners, but also find your unique comedy voice and learn to trust it to produce reliably successful humor writing. You’ll work through The Onion’s multi-step process in a workshop environment.

This is an introduction to The Onion’s unique top-down approach to comedy writing, and how to implement that approach to craft successful comedic premises and concepts. This class focuses on the most important element: the art of the Onion headline.

Students in this class should have competency with English composition and grammar.

Class Work Examples: Write 10 jokes (headlines, one-liners, or anything of the like), plus one and a half-page humor piece, utilizing the techniques discussed in class.

Commitment: 2-4 hours of lecture review, exercises and assignment completion

Technical Requirements: PDF-formatting software

Recommended next level: Writing with The Onion Level 2

This workshop is not offered every term. If you would like to be informed when it becomes available, please click here.

Writing with The Onion Level 1 (Online) (2020)