Writing The Humorous Personal Essay

Do you have funny personal stories to share? In this four-week class, you will learn to write about humorous experiences in your own life. We will discuss how to make your stories interesting and relatable to other people.

We will brainstorm ideas and develop them into personal essays. You can write about daily observations or perhaps you have a larger, more important story you’ve been wanting to tell for a long time.

We will analyze personal essayists and what funny techniques they use to capture an audience’s attention. By looking at what gives other writers a unique perspective on life, you can develop your own voice as a writer. We will also discuss where you can publish these types of personal essays.

This course is for people who want to share their experiences while being funny at the same time. Everyone has a unique story to tell and this course will help you figure out what your story is and how to tell it in a confident manner.

No experience is necessary -- all are welcome!

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Writing The Humorous Personal Essay

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