Writing the Humorous Memoir Level 1 (Online)

Humor Writing is an American tradition, connected to family life and ordinary people. Humor is a style of writing that engages readers in serious matters, but in a light-hearted, quirky style. Some humor is silly and some stupid and ridiculous, but all of it begins with getting memories down on paper.

By definition, the #1 subject of a memoir is the narrator. Readers rely on that narrator to tell their personal truth in a relatable, convincing way. So Humor Writing is for anyone to learn to write true-life stories as compelling entertainment.

In Humorous Memoir 1 you will learn how to tell personal stories that are unique to their author’s tone and subject matter. Maybe some of you want to build off intergenerational family materials or maybe some tried storytelling and now want to put it on paper. You’ll learn about expressing basic subjects, sequencing facts, time, and location. We ask, “where does the story start?” “What is the story really about?” This class will help you create coherent perspectives that readers will find engaging, amusing, daft.

And, yes, you will have the opportunity to call out people from your past—old bosses, frenemies, relatives—in a creative forum. You’ll start to gauge your narrative voice and level of disclosure (to make meaning) for the rest of us, your readers. You will leave this class with shareable material. And while publishing may be a distant dream you will understand how to continue to generate memoir pages in the writing process.

This class is capped at 10 students and is delivered in two ways:

  • 3 Video Lessons per week, that provide knowledge of authors, techniques and process pointers.
  • 1 Live-Streaming Session per week, to specific participants of greater page length, that provides in-depth, group/instructor feedback (two writers minimum—depending on the numbers) which give ample individual discussion of their pages. All other students receive written feedback.

Writing the Humorous Memoir was created by Nancy Beckett, the host of Personal Disclosures, a podcast which was begun by a group of Writing the Humorous Memoir students and is now sponsored by the Second City Training Center. Watch Nancy open up with a special introduction video for Memoir students.

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Writing the Humorous Memoir Level 1 (Online)


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