Writing Short-Humor and Telling Big Jokes (Online)

In this small size 4-week class students will write short-humor pieces using stand-up comedy jokes. In each class students will spend time on writing exercises and telling stand-up jokes in an extremely supportive open-mic like environment. Students will (outside the class) expand ideas from these jokes into 500-800 words long short-humor pieces for (as seen on) humor publications like the New Yorker, McSweeney's, Slackjaw and many more.
Expectations: Students are expected to work on writing and reading assignments outside the class each week. By the end of the course, each student would have written at least 3 short-humor pieces and numerous stand-up and tweet-worthy jokes.
Pre-requisites: Opinions, passions, pet-peeves, feelings, curiosity, frustrations aka you and your perspective on things. More the merrier. As we’ll see, these are not just emotions but a gold-mine for us to keep going back to generate new material whether for stage or page.
This class is suitable for all levels of writers, stand-up comedians and you.

3 hours ◆ 4 weeks ◆ Tuition: $195 USD

Instructor Bio: Jack of all trades. Master of Business Administration. Mayur has created short films, YouTube webseries, Sketches. He has also written humor pieces for publications like McSweeney's, screenplays, short stories and almost-viral tweets and is the creator of his online comedy show, "Jokes From Home With Mayur Chauhan"

This class meets online via Zoom at the day & time you're signing up for. All you need is a sturdy internet connection and a device that has a camera and microphone (computer, tablet, or even your phone can work.

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Writing Short-Humor and Telling Big Jokes (Online)