Writing Lab: Content Creation (Online)

In this small size 4 week class students will learn, plan and create content. By the end of the class every student will have at least one project of their choice finished and shared online with the world.We're all in this together. We'll learn from each other and encourage each other. This interdisciplinary class is for everyone who's had an idea of a content (social media posts, a one person show, storytelling, sketch, stand-up, webseries, humor pieces, short stories, TV pilots...). If you have an idea/draft of a project in any stage this class is for you. If you're stuck and want to find what projects you can do right now then this class is for you. Each week we will go over individual projects and establish doable weekly goals and specific next steps. YOU GOT THIS. YOU WILL STILL DO ALL OF THE WORK. The instructor will guide you, help you a) break-down your project into tangible, achievable goals and b) help you achieve/execute the project and share it with the world. Bulk of the work will be done outside the class and thus time spent outside the class will vary from project to project.
No late registration, no make-ups. If you're not sure of your schedule this term, please wait for the next time, we will try to offer this course again. 

Instructor Bio: Jack of all trades. Master of Business Administration. Mayur has created short films, YouTube webseries, Sketches. He has also written humor pieces for publications like McSweeney's, screenplays, short stories and almost-viral tweets and is the creator of his online comedy show, "Jokes From Home With Mayur Chauhan"

This class meets online via Zoom at the day & time you're signing up for. All you need is a sturdy internet connection and a device that has a camera and microphone (computer, tablet, or even your phone can work.

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Writing Lab: Content Creation (Online)


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