Storytelling Levels 101 & 201 (Online)

Level 101 - Live storytelling shows have become one of the fastest growing and most personal forms of entertainment. With the popularity of shows like The Moth, Mortified and Porchlight, audiences have shown that they love to hear a well-crafted and fascinating story. In this class we will focus on the craft of 1st-person storytelling – how to structure an event from your life in a way that is interesting and entertaining to other people. At the completion of the four weeks, each of the students will walk out with one stage-ready story, which will be performed in the final class show.

3 hours, 4 weeks ◆ 1 class show ◆ $225 USD

Storytelling 101 (Online) · Mondays · 11-2PM (6/22-7/13) · PST
Storytelling 101 (Online) · Wednesdays · 2-5PM (6/24-7/15) · PST

Level 201 - Everyone has a story from their lives that will transfix anyone who is listening. The question is – can you do that again? Can you be memorable and interesting each time you tell that story? In this class, we will focus on finding your authentic voice as a 1st-person storyteller—refining the way you express yourself and owning your life experiences in a way that is honest, vulnerable, and connects with others. At the completion of the six weeks, each student will have a stage-ready story, the tools and techniques to craft a unique telling of their story, and the principles necessary to be able to do that every time. There is one class performance at the end of this process.

3 hours, 4 weeks ◆ 1 class show

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About the instructor: Kevin McGeehan originally hails from Jacksonville, Florida. He is a grad of the University of Florida, an alum of The Second City Touring Company, and long time Second City Training Center faculty member. Since moving to Los Angeles, Kevin has continued to teach and perform with The Second City Hollywood. He is also an accomplished storyteller. He is a two-time Moth StorySlam Winner and his story, It Matters a Great Deal, was featured on The Moth Radio Hour (and will appear in The Moth’s next book, which will be released in March of 2017). His stories have been published in Men’s Health magazine, and the episodes of his storytelling podcast, Funny Cuz It’s True are available for free on iTunes.

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Storytelling Levels 101 & 201 (Online)

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