Speechless! A Physical Comedy Workshop

Cat got your tongue? Good! You won’t need it for this class while you hone your object and environment work. Learn to be comfortable with silence and use it to explore and forward scenes. Create (or destroy) worlds with nothing but your hands and imagination. In this class we’ll use the art of pantomime - with a dash of clowning, mime, and commedia – to develop silent solo pieces and two-person scenes. All action, no talk!

Um, you might want to get that tongue back. Looks like the cat dragged it through some litter.

Joe Janes, instructor, is a faculty member of The Second City Training Center and Columbia College Chicago’s Comedy Major Program. He has performed with Die Hanswurste’s KLOWN: Prick Us and We Burst and performed with and directed WNEP’s Soirèe DADA.

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Speechless! A Physical Comedy Workshop

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