Personal Essay Writing (Online)

This class meets online via Zoom or Google Hangouts, at the day & time you're signing up for. All you need is a sturdy internet connection and a device that has a camera and microphone (computer, tablet, or even your phone can work.)

Just because it happened to you, and it revealed and taught you so much, doesn't mean you can easily share those revelations with others. Essay writing is a very fine line between an emotional journal entry and "Wow! They said what I've been feeling this whole time!" How does Baldwin turn a letter to his nephew into a manifesto for the people? How does Ta-Nehisi Coates turn his love of hip-hop into a n examination on race and society that resonates so deeply? In this 5 week workshop we will examine the intricacies of Personal Essay Writing. Participants will gain tools and develop skills for writing and publishing powerful, honest, and compelling personal essays. Each participant will leave the workshop with a ready to submit/publish true personal essay.

3 hours ◆ 5 weeks ◆ Tuition: $275 USD

Personal Essay Writing (Online) · Saturdays · 12-3PM (8/29-9/26) · PST 

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Personal Essay Writing (Online)