Voiceover 101 (On-demand)

Join Kathleen Puls Andrade for an intensive look at the Voiceover industry and learn the skills needed to make it in this competitive field. You’ll be getting behind the mic (or phone, or laptop) to read scripts and get coaching and evaluation of your work. Then you’ll take the direction and do it again. You’ll also comment on and learn from the work of your fellow students. This is a work at your own pace class, while also meeting weekly deadlines just like you would in the business.

This class is open to anyone with an interest in Voiceover work or for anyone with an interest in bettering their communication skills for work or presentations.

You’ll learn:

  • Copy Analysis
  • Different kinds of script interpretation
  • Understanding the message of the copy
  • How your physicality affects delivery
  • The Power of a Smile on the message
  • Emphasizing keywords effectively
  • AuditioningMic Technique
  • Breathing effectively and supporting the voice
  • Announcers
  • Dialogues
  • Gaming
  • And much more!


Technical Requirements:

  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Music Stand (Optional)
  • Audacity (Free Download, Optional)
  • USB Mic (Optional)
  • Video recording and sharing tool (ie. Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc)


Voiceover 101 (On-demand)

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