Sketch Writing Level 1 (On-demand)

Students living away from one of the Second City Training Centers can still study comedy sketch writing! In Sketch Writing 1 students receive individual instruction through online correspondence, exploring the fundamentals of character development and theatrical scene structure. Exercises include a variety of comedic genres, from "Simple Yet Impossible Goal" to "Clash of Context" to "Inappropriate Response." This course is conducted by e-mail and online correspondence with a Writing instructor.

Major Concepts: Brainstorming, Structure, Character, Story, Theatricality, Fish Out of Water, Satirical Point of View, Parody, Rewriting.

Class Work Examples: LISTS & CLUSTERING
Not only used just to create ideas, but throughout the developmental process!

1. Create a list of 10 Occupations (30 seconds)
2. Choose one – Create a list of 10 possible Conflicts that could happen in that occupation (60 seconds)
3. Choose one – Create a list of 10 possible Solutions for that Conflict. (60 seconds)

If you went back and explored every occupation/conflict/solution combination, you would end up with 1000 POSSIBLE PREMISES! Remember that, anytime you tell yourself “I have nothing to write about.”

Commitment: 1-2 hours per week (30-45 minutes for the lesson, 30-60 minutes for the assignment)

Technical Requirements: PDF-formatting software


Recommended next level: Sketch Writing Level 2


Students of this on-demand class do not need to log in at a certain time or day (like our streaming class students do), as on-demand class content, exercises and assignments are available at your convenience with assignments due weekly. Weekly assignment due dates are unique to each on-demand class and are typically due Fridays, Saturday, or Sundays. 

Sketch Writing Level 1 (On-demand)