Writing Sadness Through Humor (On-demand)

Cry 'Til You Laugh! In this four-week course, you will learn to write about sad experiences either in your own personal life or through fiction. This class will also teach you how to add humor to your writing in order to provide some comic relief. Writing about emotional experiences can help you understand your feelings and improve your quality of life.

Topics discussed will include sadness, relationships, anxiety, conflict, and anything else you would like to share. We will brainstorm ideas and develop them into stories. This course is for people who want to share emotional experiences while being funny at the same time.

We will analyze comedians and writers who speak in a truthful yet humorous manner for inspiration. By looking at what gives other writers a unique perspective on life, you can develop your own voice as a writer.

There will be an online discussion board to create a classroom community in addition to individualized feedback. We encourage all experiences and highlight the idea that there is no "right" way to express yourself creatively.

Students of this class do not need to log in at a certain time or day for streaming sessions, as content, exercises and assignments are on-demand.

Writing Sadness Through Humor (On-demand)

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