Music Improv Fundamentals

Music Improv Fundamentals is for improvisers who would like to start exploring music improv. The ideal student will have some improv training and an interest in learning the basics of music improv. This class is crucial to learning the basics of music improv. It also lays the foundation for students to explore musical sketch comedy. Both types of performance are important elements of the work created at The Second City. Students who are interested in auditioning for the Music Improv Program should take Music Improv Fundamentals. A background in musical theatre or singing is not necessary.

In Music Improv Fundamentals, students learn the basics of musical improvisation. The focus is on the fundamentals — hearing the piano, learning how to create a melody, being able to heighten a scene to find song in a scene, and learning how to emotionally commit to song.

Students practice listening exercises, work on basic vocal performance and production, and build singing confidence. Students engage in exercises that help them learn how to use their voice effectively, how to build scenes to create a song, and how to build characters that are specific and emotional enough to sing.

Music Improv Fundamentals meets once a week for three hours over an eight week term. It is for students who have completed Improv Level D, Improv for Actors 1, or equivalent courses.


This workshop is not offered every term. If you would like to be informed when it becomes available, please click here.

Music Improv Fundamentals