Master The Pitch (Online)

This class meets online via Zoom or Google Hangouts, at the day & time you're signing up for. All you need is a sturdy internet connection and a device that has a camera and microphone (computer, tablet, or even your phone can work.)

In Hollywood, great careers start with a great pitch. It’s how ideas turn into projects and how creators get paid. Distributors are buying content more than ever. So, now is the time to sell them yours. In this class, you’ll learn the skills of crafting and delivering a solid pitch presentation. We’ll also cover pitch packets, loglines, one-sheets, proofs of concept and more. Time to reward all that hard work you did writing and get paid for it.

3 hours ◆ 4 weeks ◆ Tuition: $195 USD

Master The Pitch Online · Thursdays · 11-2PM (6/11-7/2) · PST · Taught By Rich Baker

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Master The Pitch (Online)