Intro to Writing for TV (On-demand)

Intro to Writing for TV is for anyone who wants to learn the essence of writing for television or anyone with a great idea for a series who needs help putting it into (properly formatted) words. This on-demand course gives you a strong foundation for TV writing structure, demystifies the language and process of writing, and gives you the tools to begin turning your great idea into the next Sopranos/Rick and Morty/Fill In Your Favorite Show Here.
You’ll learn about the language of TV writing, the importance of deadlines, the unique qualities of a televised story versus sketch, lots of formatting tips/tools, how and what to pitch, and the scale of your ideas. You’ll watch TV shows with a critical ear for dialogue and structure, read scripts, learn how to pitch, pitch those great ideas, and create outlines or treatments for that million-dollar sitcom.

Students can expect to review lectures, perform exercises/assignments and provide feedback to other students for 3-5 hours a week.

Tech requirements for our Learning Management System, Docebo, can be found here. Students will also need a wifi connection, a computer and access to basic writing software (Google Docs, Microsoft Word, Final Draft, or the like)

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Students of this on-demand class do not need to log in at a certain time or day (like our streaming class students do), as on-demand class content, exercises and assignments are available at your convenience with assignments due weekly. Weekly assignment due dates are unique to each on-demand class and are typically due Fridays, Saturday, or Sundays. 

Intro to Writing for TV (On-demand)

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