Improv-to-Sketch Intensive

Level: 1

Level-up your comedic game in this immersive week-long program designed to take your improvisational skills to new heights and transform them into side-splitting sketch comedy. Led by seasoned comedy veterans and instructors, this intensive is perfect for experienced improvisers looking to expand their comedic toolkit.

Throughout the week, dive into the heart of comedy creation through a series of collaborative exercises and improvisational workshops. Explore the fundamentals of scene work, character development, and comedic timing as you sharpen your instincts and embrace spontaneity.

Under the guidance of our expert instructors, you’ll learn how to mine improvisational gold and translate it into hilarious scripted sketches using the same process of re-improvisation that our resident talent uses to create Second City’s iconic sketch & improv shows. Through improvisation-based brainstorming sessions and structured scene work, you’ll discover how to generate comedic premises, develop memorable characters, and craft dialogue that leaves audiences in stitches.

This intensive isn’t just about honing your individual skills—it’s about the power of ensemble collaboration. Dive into the collaborative process of comedy creation where every laugh is earned together.

Prerequisite: at least one full year of training in scenic improvisation (Improv 1-5 or equivalent)

Please note this course may be canceled if it is does not meet minimum registration requirements. The Second City is not responsible for any additional costs such as travel or accommodations.

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230 W North Ave Chicago IL 60610

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