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Storytelling 2: Crafting Your Story

We all have amazing stories to tell. We may just need help molding the details to create maximum impact.

In Storytelling 2: Crafting Your Story you will discover the craft of shaping the events of your own life into a compelling story. Fans of David Sedaris or The Moth, anyone who is curious about the live lit scene, anyone who simply wants to get better at telling stories to friends and colleagues, or anyone looking to tell a powerful/funny/engaging first person autobiographical story but not sure how to turn a jumble of memories and details into a rapturous story that keeps audiences leaning in will find something for them in this class.

You will learn the breakdown of what makes a compelling story, how to frame personal experiences in a way to ensure maximum impact, finding the starting point and the ending point, how to refine the story through repetition of performance, and the building blocks of what constitutes a great personal story.

You’ll explore your personal experiences and mine for storytelling gold, acquire tools to know what’s important to keep in your story and what’s distracting from your message, how to shape the arc of your story so you’re giving enough context but not being bogged down by it, perform your stories for classmates and receive feedback on structure, content and context.

Storytelling 2: Crafting Your Story is open to students who have completed Storytelling 1: Discovering Your Story. It meets once a week for three hours over an eight week term. An optional student showcase follows at the end of the term.


This workshop is not offered every term. If you would like to be informed when it becomes available, please click here.

Storytelling 2: Crafting Your Story