Improv for Business Drop-in (Online)

What's that all about? You’ve run your business successfully for years. You went to business school and they didn't mention Improv once. You’ve seen improv comedy and you don’t see how it would help your business. There’s nothing very funny about running a business these days.

  1. You have to know your strengths and capitalize on them.
  2. You have to be resilient and either lead the change or be ready to adapt to changes.
  3. You have to work with a small efficient team and everyone has to pitch in.
  4. You have to innovate on a daily basis.

Those last 4 sentences were directed at an Improv troupe during a workshop. Sound familiar?

Come learn what we know about resilience, authenticity, ensemble and innovation.

In this 90-minute you will experience how fundamental improv skills will help you and your ensemble navigate today's business world. And yes, you'll have fun.

Tuesdays at 4pm & Thursdays at 6pm CT*
*Students from all time zones are welcome!

Improv for Business Drop-in (Online)