Intro to Comedy Writing (Online)

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Discover the comedic magic of The Second City, where comedy writing meets improvisation in a one-of-a-kind creative process! For over 60 years, we’ve been honing our craft, using improv as our secret writing tool to bring laughter to our stages.
In our four-week Intro to Comedy Writing online course, you’ll embark on a journey to find your funny bone and unlock the art of writing comedy using improvisational techniques. From sketches to screenplays, TV pilots to essays, and even improv performances, it all starts with that hilarious idea. This course covers essential topics including: Point of View, Game, Satire, Recognizable Human Behavior, The Social Unconscious, and Meta comedy, introducing you to the tools to craft comedy that leaves audiences in stitches.
This hybrid class learning experience combines self-paced assignments, interactive group classes, and a wealth of curated written and video resources. You’ll share your work with the class weekly, receiving valuable feedback from your Second City instructor. You will be sent a Zoom link and Canvas login (our virtual class portal) prior to your first day of class. The expected time commitment outside of class is 1.5 hours per week.
Once you complete the course, your instructor will guide you on the next best step for your comedic voice to flourish. Whether you’re drawn to Sketch Comedy, Comedy TV Pilots, Writing Satire for the Internet, or Late Night TV content, we’ve got exciting paths awaiting your talent. Get ready to unleash your comedic genius in this fun introductory course. Join us, and let’s find the funny together!

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06/25/24 - 07/16/24

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