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John Candy Box Series

32 Short Sketches About Bees

This 6 person cast with a deep fondness for bees has taken on the heroic task of fitting 32 sketches into a 55 min show. It promises to be an easter egg hunt of a production. Any kind of bee is fair game: honey bees, the letter B, and even Bea Arthur. This show will be a test of the creative limits of its cast, and will challenge the format of a conventional sketch comedy show. The freedom to explore and experiment in this way is only possible at a festival like the Toronto Fringe, and “32 Short Sketches About Bees” promises to make the most of this opportunity.

32 Short Sketches about Bees” is written and performed by the ensemble cast of Andrew Bushell, Leigh Cameron, Claire Farmer, Jessica Greco, Shannon Lahaie, Chris Leveille and Cameron Wyllie  and co created / directed by Paul Bates. Bates has won numerous Canadian Comedy Awards, and received NOW Magazine’s 2013 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Male Improviser. This creative team is made up of performers from Toronto’s funniest and most celebrated sketch comedy and improv troupes, including Dame Judy Dench, O Dat Dum, and the Bad Dog stage, making them an all-star cast of characters brought together by one commonality, bees.


Alone in this Together

Jam-packed subways, never-ending lineups, crammed condos – Toronto is a City overflowing with people, so why do we feel so alone?  Alone in this Together is a sketch comedy show: A couple bickers virtually through the help of video game characters; from the end of a scene to the beginning of the next, the fleeting darkness in between begs for your attention; a promise is a promise, even if it was made in high school, superheroes saves the day once again, and their greatest weapon is social media; whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, the grass is always greener in a different decade; gym, tan, laundry – bro-ing is a lifestyle, but bro-mancing is a lifetime; a mother reveals her deepest secret…  Why be alone when we can be Alone in this Together?


Caitlin and Eric are Broken Up

Caitlin & Eric are Broken Up is based on the  respective real-life (and real-embarrassing!) Break-up stories of performers Eric Miinch and Caitlin Robson.  Co-written and directed by Jess Beaulieu, and hailed as a “Millennial ‘When Harry Met Sally ‘” [NOW Magazine], it’s guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and break you up in every way.


Franco and Friends presents My Momma So…

(a fundraiser for the Next Stage production of Good Morning, Viet Mom.)

Moms…amirite? Inspired by his 2017 Toronto Fringe hit soaring in liquid skies, Franco Nguyen (Second City House Co and Bob Curry Fellow) and a diverse team of comedic voices gather to share the worst (and best!) about their moms. Vote for whose mom is the strictest or most chill. And find out why all moms are the best. Proceeds from this show will support the next iteration of his show, now titled GOOD MORNING, VIET MOM, playing at the Next Stage Theatre festival in January 2018. All those who attend this interactive evening of storytelling and comedy will automatically be entered for a chance to win complimentary tickets to GOOD MORNING, VIET MOM.


Murder in the Cottonwoods 2

The cast of Toronto Fringe Festival hit Murder in the Cottonwoods (Best Ensemble/Now  Magazine) reunites for a brand new sketch comedy revue, *Murder in the Cottonwoods 2! *This show is in no way affiliated with Murder in the Cottonwoods. Written by and starring Paul Aihoshi, Guy Bradford, Christy Bruce, Lance Byrd, Alexandra Hurley, Matthew Nadeau, Colin Sharpe


Shakespeare’s Ghostbusters

Imagine if the original Ghostbusters movie had been written by the bard? Well, imagine no more, because The Coincidence Men bring you this: their 2017 Toronto Fringe Critics’ Pick adaptation of Shakespeare’s definitive version of the cult classic! Witness Lords Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore brought to life, joined by a motley crew of spirits and miscreants worthy of the poet of Avon. 80’s nostalgia and Shakespearean text will cross streams with hilarious results!


Songs For a New World Order

Songs for a New World Order is an acoustic collection of sharp, witty, and ridiculous songs, that hang in the balance between observational and surreal, while finding the humor in our absurdly twisted world. The songs tackle serious, hard pressing issues such as: slow walkers, falling in love in space, pajamas, roleplay, mothers day, bullies, our deepest darkest secrets, and the search for humanity, all in one delightfully dark package.


Vandad Kardar presents T- Dutty Comedy Show

The most dutty mandem & greaziest bad biddies on the Toronto stand up comedy grind are live and direct in the heart of the city! Join us for the newest urban comedy night to hit Toronto on November November 11th at 10pm. Hosted by the one and only Vandad Kardar, creator of “The Skin of My Nuts Comedy Show”, we’ve got the wickedest line up of home grown comedians. This show is open to everyone, but it’s not for the faint of heart. And yes, they serve alcohol.