5 Female Characters Who Are Tired As Hell

By Leah Slater | Dec 29, 2017

It’s time these women hung up their stereotypically character-specific hats.

The Tough Chick

This cop/secret agent/doctor/lawyer is named something with a V or Z in it, like “Viv” or “Jaz.” She’s most likely Latina, or at least a brunette. She’s brilliant, but flawed. Irresistible, but intimidating. Sexy, but still a tomboy. The Tough Chick has a dark past and is full of fun contradictions that check off all the “strong female character” boxes. She drinks whiskey on the rocks, and probably drinks too much of it. She plays pool, or darts, or gambles, or whatever else the male writers thought would be sexy.

The Single, Small-Town Mom

Probably (definitely) white. Carol? Diane? Angie? is trying to raise her kids on a working-class salary from a place that requires her to wear a name tag. One of her kids is a genius, another knows way too much for her age. SSTM is no-nonsense, dry-humored and makes lots of sex jokes. Her messy half-pony and flannel can’t hide the fact that she’s actually fine as hell. Her own mother is constantly saying, “No one said this would be easy!” to her.

The Hot High Schooler

The HHS must be played by a 25-year-old with immaculate eyebrows. She wears a lot of tank tops and spends her parent’s money frivolously, but she still resents them for being absent. Someone in her life gets murdered, probably. On The CW, definitely.

The Ambitiously Frigid Career Woman

She has a one-syllable name, like Jan, because she just doesn’t have time for anything longer, dammit. She’s on the board of Big Company, or something like that. She wears glasses, rarely cracks a smile and other characters love to comment about how she “needs to get laid.” In fact, getting her laid is her main story arc. Her catchphrase is, “Of course I’m serious. I’m always serious.” And she is.

The Grandma Figure

If she’s black, she’s sassy. If she’s white, she’s batty. Either way, she’s old. That’s about it. Maybe she’s the bus driver. Maybe she’s the neighbor? Doesn’t matter. She’s not that important. No one over 36 matters much, right?

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Leah Slater is a writer and comedian in Chicago who has studied writing at The Second City Training Center. 

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