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Second City TV & Film
Second City TV and Film Performances

Emmy Award Winning TV/Film Development

In 1976, The Second City welcomed the chance to bring its trademark sketch format into the homes of global viewers with the creation of a television series. Andrew Alexander, along with Sahlins and partner Len Stuart, called upon the talents of the Toronto Mainstage cast and its associates to breathe life into this new TV project. Together with John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O'Hara, and Dave Thomas, along with Harold Ramis, Del Close, and Sheldon Patinkin - came the idea to follow the exploits of a fictional television studio and the inimitable personalities who run it. From these sessions, the legendary SCTV - standing for the call letters of the aspiring station - was launched.

During its seven-year, 185 half-hour episode run, the show garnered 13 Emmy Award nominations and won two for best writing. It grew to be adored by audiences in its native Canada before spreading to American distribution, and is enjoyed by younger generations in syndication. More importantly, the show would prove to be an original template for the sketch comedy format on television, with ensemble work, structuring, and presentation that would inspire virtually all other sketch programs to come.

Today, Second City Entertainment continues to develop projects in all areas - including television series, feature films, and new media. Its aggressive hands-on approach to turning an idea into a reality has gained attention from networks and studios worldwide. Working with some of comedy's biggest stars and the breakout talent of tomorrow, this enterprising division is fast becoming a frontrunner in the media world.

The Internet is now full of SCTV fans whose collective passion has lead to a number of unoffical fan sites devoted to all things SCTV. Think you can handle more? Dive into the unchartered waters of Canada's unofficial SCTVGuide.

Past film and television projects from The Second City include:

  • The Second City's 25th Anniversary (1984), a special for HBO and CBC starring Ed Asner, Shelly Berman, John Candy, Martin Short, David Steinberg, and many other alumni.
  • The Gemini award nominated, 110 Lombard (1987), a comedy special for CBS and CBC featuring Mike Myers.
  • The ACE nominated 15th Anniversary of Toronto's Second City (1988) for Showtime and CBC.
  • Life As We Know It (1990), a comedy special for the HA! Channel.
  • A half-hour syndicated late-night comedy series, My Talk Show (1990-91).
  • A special for ABC, Second City Live (1991), which received an award for Best Syndicated Variety Show in Canada.
  • Street Talk U.S.A. (1991) a talk show pilot starring Curtis and Lisa Sliwa for ABC.
  • The Best of John Candy Video (1992).
  • The 149th Edition of The Second City (1993), a one hour pilot for the Arts & Entertainment Network.
  • The Second City's (Toronto) 25th Anniversary (1998), for CBC.
  • The Gavin Crawford Show (2001), a series on The Comedy Network.
  • Second City Presents . . . with Bill Zehme (2002), weekly interview series on the Bravo NewStyleArts channel.
  • The Laugh Track (2003), special about the Second City Training Center - Produced by Towers Productions and The Second City. Appearing in December (tentative) on A&E.
  • Whitecoats (2003), feature film directed by Dave Thomas and produced by The Second City.
  • First Family of Comedy 2005 – a Life and Times Special CBC
  • Next Comedy Legend 2007