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  • Jun 23 2010

    Beloved Almuni Gerry Salsberg Passes Away

    Beloved Second City Alumnus Gerry Salsberg passed away last night in Toronto. Gerry appeared on the Toronto Second City stage in 1973, and enjoyed decades of success in character roles on television. The Second City extends its condolences to Gerry’s family and many colleagues.

    Services for Gerry Salsberg will be held Thursday, June 24th at Steeles Memorial Chapel, 350 Steeles Ave West, Toronto. Memorial donations may be made to the Starlight Foundation (416-502-9474) or to the Hospital for Sick Children (416-813-5320).

    6/23/2010 Comments (15)
  • We would have tomato soup in the village restaurant in the 60's. Didn't he win a contest in high school that gave him a stint as a radio announcer? It's hard when the kind people leave us.

  • A very kind, and funny man has been taken from us far too early.Gerry, thank-you for your good spirits and encouragement when I was a newbie! Your gentility has NEVER been forgotten.David.

  • Gerry; in this long life, no one has ever made me laugh as hard as you did. In truth, you were not always that easy to love but like so many others, I always made the effort because you were so worth it though you didn't know that yourself. You deserved a greater peace than you ever knew in life. I pray that you've found it in whatever place you've travelled to.Derek

  • you are crazy and wonderful - love your vulnerability and zest - be peaceful - lots of love.

  • gerry i will spend tonight praying for you as i just heard this news....gerry and i grew up together....he is a genius.....very underestimated.....very sad....i found out this year this world is a very tough place...i think he knew for a long time.....

  • Funny? Hillarious!Talented? Exceptionally so!Good man? Great man! Great father! Great friend! Great neighbor and PAL; Mentzch!Missed? Sorely!Loved? More than he ever knew!I was privileged to share the stage with Gerry for two shows: "Rumours" at Theatre Aquarius and "The Shop on Main Street" at the Toronto Jewish Community Centre. I was also a neighbor at PAL.Our world will not be the same without you, Gerry, but (oy) heaven's lucky to get you.

  • Funny? Hilarious!Talented? Exceptionally so!Great performer? The best!Good man? Great man! Great father! Great friend! Menzch!Missed? Sorely!Loved? More than he ever knew! I was privileged to share the stage with Gerry in "Rumours" at Theatre Aqaurius and "The Shop on Main Street" at the Jewish Community Center, Toronto.

  • godspell in 74... running through the theatre holding hands and laughing , laughing alot... thankyou Gerry for everything and rest in peace, Nora

  • Gerry, you were an amazing talent and I will always remember your kindness, caring and enthusiasm. We will all miss you.

  • Gerry will miss your wild fabulous humour and energyI loved doing LAST OF THE RED HOT LOVERS with you in Torontoyou will be sorely missedso so sad about this tragedyhugs to you heaven Gerry

  • Gerry,You brought love and joy to so many people, including me. I hope you knew how much we loved you back. I had the pleasure of going to Ryerson University with you, working with you on a few television programs, and just knowing you and admiring your bountiful talent and energy.I'm forever reminded of how John Candy used to always say that he wanted to be just like you.Thanks for your friendship. "Goodnight, sweet prince; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

  • I will never forget the smile or the laugh. It was 1971, we put together the Great Canadian Cover Up at Albert's hall, the actors got $30 a night but it sent you on your way. I can always say i directed you.

  • Godspeed Gerry, thanks for the friendship and the funny.

  • Vickey Saito RIP Gerry. You will be missed by us all.chicago second citySecondCity0903-EditBy: Gerry Salsberg23 minutes ago · Friends OnlyPrivacy: · Comment · LikeUnlike · ShareVickey SaitoVickey SaitoI don;t know if you knew Gerry Salsberg, but if you did, he has died from cancer yesterday. Please visit here for details of the funeral:

  • R.I.P Gerry you were a tremendous performer and will be missed dearly. Godspeed and Godspell my friend, thanks for the memories.


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