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  • Jan 31 2014

    Last Call for Conservatory/Longform Submisisons

    Dilly-dallying on your Con, Music Con, and/or Longform submission? Dilly-dally no longer!

    Our submissions deadline has been EXTENDED to FEBRUARY 7TH! Send in your resume and headshot today!

    Now, you love doing improv and you love The Second City. You've seen a few revues at the mainstage and thought, "Hey, I could do that!" Well, now you can!

    The Conservatory is a year-long program designed to give you the opportunity to write and perform your own mainstage-style revue, on the mainstage! Use improv as a way to generate ideas for sketches, songs and monologues, just like the pros.
    More info on the Conservatory HERE

    Maybe singing's more your style. Improvised singing, that is. Picture this: you and your talented ensemble, performing in an improvised musical at the mainstage after a year of hard work. You better believe it.
    Read more about the Musical Conservatory HERE

    Sketches are cool, but you wanna be closer to the source of the good stuff, that sweet creamed-corn of improvised comedy. Look no further than our Longform program. Learn how to play The Game, create your own forms, and create complex memorable scenes that audiences love.
    Check out the Longform program HERE

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  • Jan 21 2014

    From Performance to Production

    This term, we're offering a BRAND NEW INTENSIVE! Stage Managing 101 is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning about what happens behind the scenes of a comedy show. Stage Managers are responsible for all of the elements that take a show from plain performance to dazzling production!

    Stage Managing 101 

    Learn how to become a vital "behind-the-scenes" member of sketch or improv troupe! This 4-week intensive covers the skills needed to stage manage simple sketch and/or improv shows. It covers the responsibilities of a Stage Manager and who they report to, lighting techniques, sound management, working with club/theatre owners and time management. Sample "tech sheets" will be discussed. Upon completion, participants will possess the skills to take a troupe to the next level of professionalism.

    Stage Managing 101 is taught be Meaghan Maguire, resident Stage Manager for The Second City National Touring Company and the award winning Sketch troupe FalconPowder. Meg brings thousands of hours of stage managing experience to this course and will offer practical tips on: pre-show practices, managing performances and post-show responsibilities.

    This class will run for 4-weeks on Saturdays from 11am-2pm from February 1st-22nd. 
    There are NO prerequisites needed. 
    $160 +HST

    Remember: if you are already registered for a course this term, you will receive %15 off the tuition for this class!

    Register here or call us at 416-340-7270.

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  • Jan 13 2014

    Rick and Laura Hall Make Their Way To The Great White North

    Rick and Laura met in Chicago, driving around in a crowded van with the touring company of the Second City. Since then they have gotten married, had two kids, and moved to Los Angeles.  There they continue to perform, write and teach, both separately and together.

    Laura Hall is best known as the improvisational pianist on television’s "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" She was also on the "Drew Carey Show" live episodes, and has toured the country doing live performances with "Drew Carey and The Improv AllStars." Laura has sat in and played with tons of improv groups in Chicago and L.A., including The Groundlings, iO, ComedySportz and Theatresports.

    Rick Hall was a founding member of Chicago’s "Improv Institute." After touring with the Second City, Rick opened two main stage shows, "John Paul Sartre & Ringo" and "Catch 27." Rick has used his improv background on the improv based television shows "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and as a series regular in "The Factory." He’s been seen on many other television shows as well, including "Saving Grace," "24," "The Middle," "According To Jim," and "Seinfeld."

    Rick & Laura teach improv workshops at camps, colleges and theaters around the North America. They especially like helping people who are scared out of their minds about doing song improv to find out it’s really fun and something they can do successfully.

    Now they are heading to the Toronto Second City Training Centre to teach two musical workshops on February 21st and February 22nd

    Register here OR 416-340-7270.

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  • Jan 6 2014

    Get Your Reading On!

    We have complied a comprehensive list for your improv,writing and acting reading pleasure. Grab a new book and cozy up!

    Improv A-E Program
    Improvisation for the Theatre, Viola Spolin
    Impro, Keith Johnstone
    Something Wonderful Right Away, Jeffrey Sweet
    SCTV -- Behind The Scenes, Dave Thomas
    The Second City, Donna McCrohan
    The Compass, Janet Coleman
    Handbook of Games, Neva L. Boyd
    Musical Improv Comedy, Michael Pollock
    The Second City Backstage of The Worlds Greatest Comedy Theater, Sheldon Patinkin

    Stagecraft Program
    Introduction to Stanislavsky, Sonja Moore
    Sanford Meisner On Acting, Sanford Meisner
    Acting, The First Six Lessons, Boleslavsky
    Advice to the Players, Robert Lewis
    Audition, Michael Shurtleff
    The Actor At Work, Robert Benedetti
    Act of Being, Charles Marowitz
    Speaking Clearly, Modisett and Luter
    The History of the Theatre, Oscar G. Brockett

    Conservatory Program
    Almanac of Improvisation, Anne Libera
    Improvise: Scene From The Inside Out, Mick Napier
    Acting, The First Six Lessons, Boleslavsky
    Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Hirsch
    Musical Improv Comedy, Michael Pollock

    Writing Program
    Comedy Is A Serious Business, Harry Ruskin
    The Artful Edit, Susan Bell
    The Playwright's Workbook, Jean-Claude van Itallie
    The Comic Toolbox, John Vourhaus
    Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Hirsch
    An Incomplete Education, Jones and Wilson
    Days and Nights of Second City, Bernie Sahlins

    Longform Program
    Truth in Comedy, C. Halpern, Del Close & K. Johnson
    Longform Improv, Ben Hauck
    Long-Form Improvisation & The Art Of Zen, Jason Chin
    Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Hirsch
    Long Form Improvisation and American Comedy: The Harold, Matt Fotis

    General Reference
    An Incomplete Education, Jones and Wilson
    Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Hirsch

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