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Second City Toronto

Longform Conservatory

The Longform Conservatory explores how to play the Game of the Scene, perform complex group scenes, and master a variety of established longform formats. Participants will have several opportunities to perform with their class in the John Candy Box Theatre. They will learn to improvise in various established formats and to create their own unique longform format which they will showcase during their graduation show.

$295+HST / $265+HST early registered

Prerequisites: An audition is required for admission to the Longform Program. To be eligible to audition, students must have completed one year of improv training (i.e. Improv A-E or equivalent) or have a theatre degree with 20 hours of formal improv training. Please submit a headshot and resume to the Training Centre in accordance with the dates listed in the term schedule. Submissions may be e-mailed to or mailed to The Second City Training Center, 70 Peter St. Lower Level, Toronto, ON M5V2G5.

Longform Conservatory 1: Game of the Scene TERM 2 2015

    Learn how to initiate scenes smoothly, heighten offers easily, and feel comfortable with what happens next. Students will learn how to play the Game of the Scene, perform complex group scenes, and master variety within longform. There is a performance element to this course, students will perform with their ensemble on Longform Thursdays or Sundays in the John Candy Box Theatre.

Longform Conservatory 2: Mastering Forms TERM 2 2015

    Explore the world of longform structures and explore the most commonly used and relied upon formats. Players will expand their Harold play to incorporate truthful connections as well as incorporate devices from other structures. Arrive at any show and feel confident you are able to navigate through whatever longform format with ease.

Longform Conservatory 3: Creating Forms TERM 2 2015

    Building upon the foundation of the Longform Ensemble, this class gives improvisers the opportunity to experience the process creating improv structures on the spot and in a more focussed, sustained way.

Longform Conservatory 4: Creation TERM 2 2015

    Students will create several original formats. They will experiment with organic openings while continuing to workshop fundamental scenic skills. Students will learn to establish platforms and tilts uniquely suitable for their original formats.

Longform Conservatory 5: Rehearsal & Performance TERM 2 2015

    Students will be rehearsing and perfecting their original formats in preparation of their graduation show. They will also study the nuances of producing a show. The Level 5 class performs weekly in the John Candy Box Theatre. The graduation show is scheduled on a Saturday night in the JCB.