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Second City Toronto

The Conservatory

The Conservatory Program is an exciting journey of study through the improvisational methods developed at The Second City for more than 50 years. It is a year-long program that explores improvisational performance and its use to create content. Conservatory students move through six levels of study (once a week, 3 hours per class for 7 weeks). Students will learn to re-improvise and to write on their feet. Upon graduation, Conservatory students will have created an original Second City-style revue with original sketches, songs and monologues.

$310+HST / $280+HST early registered
Early registration not applicable to Conservatory 1

Audition information

An audition is required for admission to The Conservatory. To be eligible to audition, students must have completed one year of improv training (i.e. Improv A-E or equivalent) and one text-based acting course; or have a theatre degree. Please submit a headshot and resume to the Training Centre in accordance with the dates listed in the term schedule. Submissions may be e-mailed to or mailed to The Second City Training Center, 70 Peter St. Lower Level, Toronto, ON M5V2G5.

Auditioners should commit to participate in all six levels of the program consecutively. If you are accepted but cannot attend, you must re-audition the next term.

There is a 2.5 hour Improv Drop-In workshop a few days before Conservatory auditions. All auditioners are welcome to come.

Program information

Performances: All students of the Conservatory Program are expected to perform in their class shows. Participation is considered a required part of a student's ensemble commitment to the Conservatory Program. Conservatory students are also encouraged to attend the other student shows on Saturday and Sunday afternoons on The Second City Mainstage and Wednesday nights in The John Candy Box Theatre. See the Training Centre Performances page for further details.

The Training Centre reserves the right to require that individual students take additional writing, voice or acting courses, as necessary, before advancing to the next level.

All of the above terms are subject to change without notice. The Second City Training Centre reserves the right to accept or deny any application.

Conservatory 1 TERM 2 2015

    Ensemble improvisation

Conservatory 2 TERM 2 2015

    An examination of character and relationship

Conservatory 3 TERM 2 2015

    Content and forms
    Students are required to re-audition at the end of Level 3 to continue into Level 4.

Conservatory 4 TERM 2 2015

    Content and styles

Conservatory 5 TERM 2 2015

    Creation of review materials

Conservatory 6 TERM 2 2015

    Rehearsal and performance of a revue