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Second City Toronto

Comedy Writing

Master the skills of writing sketch comedy in this program designed for writers and actors of all experience levels. Learn basic scene structure, character development, establishing action and styles and genres of comedy. Weekly writing assignments and in-class exercises help generate material and establish a regular writing schedule. Each term builds on the previous one.


Beginning Writing

$295+HST / $265+HST early registered

Prerequisites: Open to all students. Students begin with Writing 1.

Writing 1 TERM 2 2015

    Brainstorming ideas, creating environment, writing dialogue, working with story, writing for the stage and more - this course lays the groundwork for writing comic scenes in The Second City tradition.

Writing 2 TERM 2 2015

    Sketch Writing - Creating characters and working with basic premises

Writing 3 TERM 2 2015

    Sketch Writing Continued - Working in the style of The Second City


Advanced Writing

$310+HST / $280+HST early registered

Prerequisites: For admittance to Writing 4 please submit a new sketch (not previously submitted for a class assignment) to the Program Head, Your sketch should show you ability to set up a platform, introduce a tilt, heighten and resolve. For further information, please talk to your Writing instructor. Please submit your sketch in accordance with submission dates outlined on the term calendar.

Writing 4 TERM 2 2015

    Using Sources - Creating sketches from current events, personal history and other sources

Writing 5 TBA

    Creating the Revue - Writers generate original material that will be molded into a Second City-style revue. The revue is cast from student and alumni actors of the Training Centre and is presented on the Mainstage.

Writing 6 TERM 2 2015

    Producing the Revue - Producing a Second City style revue, from pre-production through to the performance