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Second City Toronto

The Improvisation Program

Explore the art of improvisation through five levels. If you are looking to learn some basic theatrical and improvisational concepts, hone your creative and presentational skills, improve audition skills, and generally have a good time, this program is for you!

Each course level has its own area of focus, but all levels introduce and explore the following improv basics:

  • Improv terminology (i.e. offers, blocking, "yes and")
  • Development of a sense of "play"
  • Spontaneity and focus
  • Listening skills
  • Accepting
  • Teamwork

Levels are progressive and must be taken consecutively. Classes meet once a week (2.5 hour classes run for 8 weeks, 3 hour classes run for 7 weeks).

INTENSIVES! Short on time or in a rush? Levels A-C are also available in an intensive format that meets over two weekends. Please note that all Intensives run Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 11-3pm and Sunday 11-2pm for two consecutive weekends.

$295+HST / $265+HST Early Registered
Intensives are $295+HST unless otherwise posted.

Registration for some class times in future terms may be open. Additional class times will become available when registration for the term opens. Check our term calendar for upcoming term and registration dates.

Improv Level A TERM 2 2015TERM 3 2015
Improv Level A Intensive February 20-March 1April 10-19May 1-10

    Introduction to the above improv fundamentals as well as an introduction to scene basics, location work, and emotions.

Improv Level B TERM 2 2015
Improv Level B Intensive March 13-22May 22-31

    Jump into the world of creating an environment and object work.

Improv Level C TERM 2 2015
Improv Level C Intensive February 20-March 1April 10-19June 12-21

    Before you learn WHAT's on second, you have to know WHO'S on first! Level C explores the who of the scene. Develop different characters and learn the importance of status.

Improv Level D TERM 2 2015

    Put it all together as a scene.

Improv Level E TERM 2 2015

    Performance games, including a class performance on The Second City Mainstage.