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Second City Hollywood

Writer's Lounge

Writer's Lounge TBA

Are you a writer who would love a dedicated space, day, and time to write in each week? Would you like an experienced writing coach nearby to help if you have questions? Then the SC Writers Lounge is for you! Each week, the Second City Hollywood writers room will be set aside for three hours for you and a limited number of other writers. Come work in a quiet, dedicated room, enjoy the space and the opportunity to focus on your writing.

Like having a personal trainer for the gym, committing to the Writer's Lounge will help you hold yourself accountable by committing to the same day and time each week. And an experienced SC writer will be present for each full session if you'd like to get advice, run things by, and get feedback!

You must register for one month at a time, the tuition comes out to $25/day.