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Second City Hollywood

Second City for Teachers

Play is actually serious business! The concept of ‘play’ is essential not only to the development of children but to the core of improvisation. It is for this reason that improvisation can be such a useful tool for educators. Improvisation brings together the worlds of thought and action giving students the opportunity to engage in a state of play with tangible results, not only in the creative arena but in all subjects.

For more than 40 years The Second City has utilized improvisation to create original works for the stage and to teach skills that can be adapted to everyday life such as listening, team building, thinking quickly, brainstorming, social integration and empathy. Improvisation is active student centered leaning that supports the development of critical thinking as well as emotional, kinesthetic, visual, audio/oral, music/math and spatial intelligences.

The Second City has taught workshops at hundreds of schools and companies throughout the world.

We are proud to offer the following programs for children and educators:

Field trips to our campus for private improvisation classes with your students
Bring your class to our location in Hollywood where we will teach your students the basics of improvisation in a fun one-off workshop. Students explore the fundamentals of improvisation through focused games and collaborative exercises. Workshops are available in customized lengths depending on your needs.

Host a workshop on site at your school
The Second City will send one (or more) of our highly qualified teachers to your classroom where we will conduct a workshop on site with your students. Student participants explore the fundamentals of improvisation through focused games and collaborative exercises. Workshops may be customized in length to fit your school class periods.

Improvisation for teachers CLICK HERE
This professional development workshop for instructors explores the fundamentals of improvisation and its integration into the curriculum of any subject area. These workshop are either one day or two days in length and are scheduled throughout the school year and summer. They may be held at our location or at your school as needed.

For more information, call us at (323) 464-8542.