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Second City Hollywood

Go Big or Go the F*ck Home

with Jaime Moyer

Go Big or Go the F*ck Home TBA
This workshop is not offered every term. If you would like to be informed when it becomes available, please click here.

Go Big or Go The F*ck Home is an intensive course, constructed specifically to make any improviser improve their abilities to make bold and confident choices in scene and character work. Jaime will help you learn to attack the scene, while still offering up your best support for your scene partners. Stop looking at your work from the outside while you're still inside of it! Instead be in the moment, be bold, and go big know the rest. A must-take for the improviser who feels stalled, shy, or simply behind the eight ball in scenes.

$275, 3 hours, 5 days

Prerequisite: Improv 2 or higher at Second City, or an equivalent level of training at another improv institution