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Second City Hollywood

Long Form Improvisation

This class exclusively for training center graduates will delve into the world of long form improvisation teaching you the most commonly utilized and proven long form structures. Learn the elements of successful long form, actively explore how and why long form improvisation works and ultimately create your own long form structure.

$370/$340 early registration, 3.5 hours, 7 weeks

Prerequisites: Any student who has completed Conservatory 3 can enter this program.

Long Form 1 TERM 2 2015

    Long form starts with group mind. Establish your ensemble and begin with the fundamentals of long form improvisation, including tag outs, cut-tos, wipes, and scene painting. Explore the mind set of taking a single suggestion and turning it into to a cohesive show. From Montage to Jim Game to La Ronde, students will learn and rehearse popular long forms born from the Chicago improv scene.

Long Form 2 TERM 2 2015

    Long Form 2 builds on Long Form 1 by introducing and exploring popular and more complex longforms, including Oak Tree, Living Room, The Dream, and more.

    Prerequisite: Long Form 1

Long Form 3 TERM 2 2015

    One of the greatest challenges of long form is looking at the big picture of a form while still focusing on the individual scenes and moments. This final level pulls from forms such as the Harold, Weirdass, Armando, and The Bat to teach the fundamentals of structure. This level culminates in the class creating a new, original form inspired by the techniques and concepts explored in all three levels of the Long Form program.

    Prerequisite: Long Form 1 & 2