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Second City Hollywood

Improv & Writing Intensives

Intensive workshops for those who can't make the weeklong programs or want a quick brush up on skills. This is the same curriculum as our seven-week classes but condensed down to three or five days!

$370, 8 hours, 3 days or
$370, 5.5 hours, 5 days
*Unless otherwise noted

Improv 1 Three-Day Intensives February 26-28March 13-15April 10-12May 22-24June 26-28July 10-12August 14-16September 18-20October 2-4October 16-18November 6-8November 23-25December 4-6December 28-30
Improv 1 Week-Long Intensive February 2-6March 16-20March 30-April 3April 20-24May 4-8June 15-19August 10-14August 31-September 4October 12-16December 14-18

While learning the building blocks of improvisation, this course builds confidence through ensemble energy.

Prerequisites: Open to all students

Improv 2 Three-Day Intensives January 23-25April 24-26June 5-7July 24-26August 21-23September 25-27October 23-25November 13-15December 11-13

Improvising Characters — While continuing an enhancement of improvisational skills, this course explores acting through character development.

Prerequisites: Improv 1


Acting Technique Intensive February 23-27June 15-19

The monologue is the most basic form of acting. This class addresses what to do once you have a script in your hand. We'll start at the beginning with script analysis, beat work and monologues. We'll also talk about the audition process including resumes, headshots and audition etiquette.

Prerequisites: Open to all students

Constructing Your Comedic Screenplay Intensive May 4-8

A sellable screenplay in Hollywood = quit your day job. This class will help you create characters, understand structure & learn to pitch. You'll end this course with an outline of your [awesome] screenplay idea.

Prerequisites: Open to all students

Musical Improv Basics Intensives April 20-24August 31-September 4November 23-25

A very basic introduction to musical improv. No audition to get in.

Prerequisites: Open to all students

Physical Comedy 1 Intensive July 27-31

Your body is capable of amazing things!! Ok, now stop thinking of that and come back to thinking about comedy...We're going to teach you how to tell a lifetime of stories without saying a word; learn how to be a funny person doing things and not a person doing funny things. Showcase the great things that are unique to only you.

Tuition for this Intensive is $395.

Prerequisites: Open to all students

Sitcom Spec Writing Level 1 Intensive December 14-18

A spec script is an idea you have fro an episode of an existing show (remember how you thought Liz Lemon should marry Pete Hornberger?). Learn sitcom story format, how to match the voice & tone of the show, how to give & take notes, and what the industry is looking for in a good spec. At the end of the class, you'll have a rough draft.

Prerequisites: Open to all students

Writing Bold Characters Intensive February 16-20May 29-31October 12-16

From 30 Rock to The Simpsons, Anchorman to Animal House, Pitch Perfect to The Blues Brothers, Second City alumni have written some of the most robust and memorable comedic characters in Hollywood's modern history. Learn Second City's core tools of comic character creation to take your Hollywood dream one step closer to reality.

Prerequisites: Open to all students

Writing for Sketch TV Intensive November 9-13

Do you see yourself creating the next Key & Peele, Portlandia or even SNL? In this class you'll explore satire, character based sketches, commercial parody & more. 

Prerequisites: Open to all students

Writing Hilarious Social and Political Satire Intensive April 20-24August 10-14

Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report), Keegan-Michael Key (Key & Peele), and Tina Fey (30 Rock) all started creating social and political satire at The Second City. You're in Hollywood for a reason. Learn valuable tools to create smart, sharp, hilariously biting satire for TV sketch, sitcom, screenplay, the web, or the stage.

Prerequisites: Open to all students

Writing Killer Comedy Intensive August 31-September 4

SNL, Mad TV, The Daily Show, 30 Rock and New Girl all feature Second City alumni on their writing staffs. These writers first began exploring comedy structures on our resident stages. You've got the ideas, now learn the tools to bring them to life!

Prerequisites: Open to all students

Writing Strong Women Intensive January 26-30July 13-17

Everyone knows that women in hollywood are totally underwritten. Be the one to fix it! Create memorable female characters that DRIVE your piece. Writers (women AND men) will create sketches, monologues, stories and character that feature fully realized women. 

Prerequisites: Open to all students