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Second City Hollywood

The Conservatory

The Conservatory Program is an advanced study of the art of improvisation as it applies to the development of a Second City style revue. We look for applicants who possess strength in both acting and improvisation.

The Conservatory emphasizes the use of ensemble technique as applied to the creation of material through improvisation.

Levels 1-5 $395/$365 early registration
3.5 hours, 7 weeks

Grad Revue $785/$755 early registration
3.5 hours, 14 weeks

Audition information

An audition is required for admission to The Conservatory. To audition students must have completed at least three consecutive levels of improv training at a known improv training center (UCB, Groundlings, iO, etc.)

When a student completes Level 5 of the Conservatory, they will be asked to audition for placement into a Grad Revue ensemble. At the discretion of the Training Center, students are cast into a Second City-ensemble and are expected to fully participate in the creation of the Grad Revue shows.

Please call 323-464-8542 to sign up for an audition time. Check out our audition guide for helpful information!

Program information

Performances: Conservatory classes alternate in Sunday afternoon performances. Grad Revue classes perform Sunday evenings, culminating in seven evening graduate shows.

Conservatory 1 TERM 2 2015

    Advanced Ensemble Improvisation

Conservatory 2 TERM 2 2015

    Advanced Ensemble Improvisation

Conservatory 3 TERM 2 2015

    Character Within Scene Work

Conservatory 4 TERM 2 2015

    Beginning Re-Improvisation: Do it more than once and start to create sketches

Conservatory 5 TERM 2 2015

    Advanced Re-Improvisation: Improvise drafts of group scenes and comic structure

Grad Revue TBA

    Political and Social Satire, and creating an original Second City style review