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Second City Hollywood

Improv Program

This course will serve as an introduction to improvisation and is the pre-curser to our Conservatory level classes. No audition is required. Explore the fundamentals of improvisation in this popular program. It's a great way to explore your creativity, hone presentation skills, become more comfortable speaking in front of others, and think on your feet.

This three level program provides the basic instruction that culminates in auditioning for the Conservatory Program.

Each term builds on the previous one, so new students enroll in Improv 1. This program is for adults ages 19 and older and does not require an audition.

$370/$340 early registration per level, 3.5 hours, 7 weeks

Improv 1 TERM 3 2014TERM 4 2014TERM 5 2014TERM 6 2014

    Improvising Basics - While reviewing the agreements of improvisation this term builds confidence through ensemble energy.

Improv 1 is available as a twice-a-week 4-week class. Click here for upcoming dates and times. Improv 1 is also offered as three-day Intensives and week-long Intensives.

Improv 2 TERM 3 2014

    Improvising Characters - While continuing an enhancement of improvisational skills, this term explores acting through character development.

Improv 2 is available as a twice-a-week 4-week class. Click here for upcoming dates and times.

Improv 3 TERM 3 2014

    Improvising Scenes - A study of structure, content, and character wants; this term focuses on what makes an improvised scene work.


Improv for Anxiety TBA
This workshop is not offered every term. If you would like to be informed when it becomes available, please click here.

    This innovative class uses ensemble-based improv to help people with social anxiety disorder overcome fear and avoidance associated with work, school, and family life.

    A Second City Training Center instructor will lead the Improv class and students are encouraged to discuss their experience in this class within their weekly private sessions with their therapist. Additionally, we encourage psychiatric professionals to recommend this class to their patients as an alternative form of off site homework and then discuss the experience in follow-up sessions.

    Although “Improv for Anxiety” was developed for people with social anxiety disorder, individuals with other anxiety disorders have completed the program and are welcome to participate.

    The purpose of this 7-week class is to provide an interactive opportunity for people with social anxiety disorder and to learn improvisation as part of their recovery. A Second City instructor will lead the class.