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  • Nov 4 2013

    Student Spotlight: Writing 6 Grads Talk About Skybox Show 'Kiss My Past' with Nancy Fast

    Writing 6 Grads Christina Honan, Katie Stasiak and Jill Frank stop by the Training Center Office to talk with Nancy Fast about their latest Skybox show, 'Kiss My Past'
    Saturdays at 7:30 PM Oct 26, Nov 2, 9 & 16

    Listen to the Podcast!

    Starring: Sheena Laird, Damian Jason White, Miguel Lepe, Chris Hauser, Lauren Summers, Laura Marsh and Meg Grunewald
    Written by Hot Town Comedy: Amanda Fawley, Jill Frank, Christina Honan, Matt Lynch, Abbie Lynch, Kevin O'Brien, Katie Stasiak and Ruby Vega
    Directed by: Aaron Sjoholm
    Musical Director: Tilliski Ramey
    Technical Director: Keri Mack
    Saturdays at 7:30 PM |Oct 26, Nov 2, 9 & 16
    Tickets: $13 General Admission, $10 for students, $8 for SCTC students

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  • Aug 21 2013

    Congrats to Second City Student and Volunteer, Tunisha Hubbard, for Booking a Ford Commercial

    When she isn’t acting in high-profile commercials, Tunisha Hubbard can be found welcoming new students to the Training Center, working the box office for student shows and improvising with friends. Tunisha’s kindness and ability to think quick on her feet make her a valuable volunteer and fun scene partner. You can check out her Ford Focus commercial here:

    The Second City Training Center is now registering students for classes in Improv, Acting, Comedy Writing and more. Visit for more info

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  • May 15 2013

    Nancy Fast Interviews Super-Intern Miguel Lepe On His Last Day

    Nancy snagged Miguel from his post on his last day of interning to talk about what’s next in his life! Find out all about Miguel’s Production Company Digital Cake, his upcoming one-man show, his wonderful fiancé Ruby Vega and more!

    Listen to the Podcast!

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  • Apr 23 2013

    TC Spotlight with Super-Intern Meg McGuire

    Andrew Thorp interviews Meg on her last day of a 2+ year internship before she goes off to get her Masters. Listen in for some of Meg's weirdest and most fun moments while interning and taking classes at The Second City Training Center. Stay tuned to see her 2-person show with fellow intern Katie Hughes!

    Listen to the Podcast!

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  • Feb 18 2013

    Teacher Spotlight: Nancy Fast interviews Writing Program Teacher David Wolinsky

    Listen in as Nancy learns all kinds of interesting information about one of The Second City’s newest and most sought after Writing Program teachers, David Wolinsky. (Teaser: David wrote for Rolling Stone and The Onion and dressed up as a professor in his band.)

    About David

    David Wolinsky is an internationally published writer, critic, and the co-author of a book from The Onion's A.V. Club, the straight journalism side of one of the nation's biggest and most respected satire publications. He's also part of the management editorial teams at NBC Chicago and His degree is in music business (not writing) from Middle Tennessee State, which is why he also thinks anyone who wants to write for a living can, if they're determined enough. He's also co-authoring another book, a web series, and writing a handful of scripts (including an hour-long drama pilot about 9/11). Between all that, he freelances for publications as far-flung as Wired and Maxim to Funny or Die and @GAMER. You can follow David on Twitter @davidwolinsky.

    David teaches 'Humor Writing For The Internet' and 'Across The Finish Line' at The Second City Training Center. For more information, call 312.64.3959 or visit

    Listen to the Podcast!

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  • Feb 11 2013

    Teacher Spotlight: Nancy Fast Interviews Training Center Music Director and Teacher Amanda Murphy

    Think you’re tone deaf or can’t sing? You’re wrong! Listen in as Nancy and Amanda talk about Second City’s Musical Improv and Vocal classes, Carol Burnett, guinea pigs and much more!

    About Amanda:
    Amanda has studied and worked in comedy and musical theater throughout Toronto, Chicago, and New York. She is a composer and lyricist for several groups, including the award winning musical four play which she also co-wrote. She music directs at iO, ComedySportz, the SCTC, and the Annoyance, and freelances for several groups around the city. She is also a performer, playing in both MIHE and SongCo, and in BattleProv at CSz. She has many musical theater credits and sings professionally with both choirs and big bands.

    Work with Amanda in Vocal Basics: Song and Character! - (Click Here for more info) Focus on vocal technique, both sung and spoken. The curriculum includes group study as well as substantial individual attention. Perfect for those who want to strengthen their singing and speaking voice, improve range, flexibility, and power.
    $150, 4 weeks, 3 hours

    Listen to the Podcast!

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  • Dec 3 2012

    Student Spotlight: Karen Revekant

    El Love

    Andrew Thorp sits down with Karen Revekant, December's 'Student in the Spotlight'. Karen is a graduate of the Training Center's Improv and Acting programs, a member of the Dream Team Volunteer Organization, a cast member of 'The Mighty Ted' and an all-around cool lady. Listen in to find out which Second City teacher Karen wouldn't mind being stuck on a desert island with, what bugs scare her and who introduced her to Second City classes!

    For More Information on Classes, Visit:
    For More Information on The Second CIty Dream Team, Visit:
    For more Information on 'The Mighty Ted', Visit:

    Listen to the Podcast!

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  • Dec 3 2012

    Performer Spotlight with 'El is for Love' Cast Members Sam Roos and Stephanie Weber

    Nancy Fast interviews Sam Roos and Stephanie Weber, cast members of HouseCo's 'El is for Love'. Coincidentally, Stephanie and Sam are both graduates of Columbia's 'Comedy Studies' program, which takes place at The Second City Training Center. Listen to the interview to find out more about their journey and then check them out live on Saturdays at 10:30pm in The Second City’s de Maat Theater.

    To buy tickets, call 312.337.3992 or visit

    El Love

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  • Oct 5 2012

    Performer Spotlight with New Twisty Members Sean Cooley and Alan Linic

    Nancy Fast interviews members of the new Twisty cast Sean Cooley and Alan Linic! Learn about The Second City Training Center’s House Teams, auditioning, Alan’s thoughts on food tiers, Sean’s apocalyptic survival plans and more!

    You can see Twisty every Saturday at 9pm in the de Maat Theater. To buy tickets visit or cal 312.337.3992

    Listen to the Podcast!

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  • Sep 27 2012

    Teacher Spotlight with Tyler Dean Kempf

    Nancy Fast interviews Faculty Member and Directing Student Tyler Dean Kempf in our latest Teacher Spotlight. Tyler’s web series, Door to Door, is airing now on or The series features student alumnus Tommy Reard and current Faculty members Micah Philbrook and Lauren Dowden.
    Listen in to find out what motivated Tyler to write the series and how he managed to audition a kid on the street!
    The Second City Training Center offers classes in Improv, Comedy Writing, Acting, Stand-up and More. Term 6 begins on October 22, 2012. For more info, visit or call 312.664.3959

    Listen to the Podcast!

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