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  • Apr 23 2013

    TC Spotlight with Super-Intern Meg McGuire

    Andrew Thorp interviews Meg on her last day of a 2+ year internship before she goes off to get her Masters. Listen in for some of Meg's weirdest and most fun moments while interning and taking classes at The Second City Training Center. Stay tuned to see her 2-person show with fellow intern Katie Hughes!

    Listen to the Podcast!

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  • Apr 9 2013

    The Second City Training Center Now Offering Viewpoints Immersions

    The Second City Training Center will offer three levels of Viewpoints during upcoming Summer Immersion sessions. Used in rehearsal processes at Steppenwolf and The Gift Theatre, The Viewpoints are a physical approach towards listening and responsiveness in the moment and a method for creating original works of theatre. Each session is taught by Michael Patrick Thornton (TV's Private Practice) and Norm Holly (Conservatory Program Head), available from 10am-5pm; $550 each session.

    • Viewpoints 1--This class is an introduction to the Viewpoints, a physical approach to performance/theatre-creation which fosters high responsiveness in the moment. Students will discover and utilize these alternative approaches to performance in order to become more active, listening, and contributory scene partners and artists.Available in Session 1. Prerequisite: Previous acting or improvisation experience is highly recommended.

    • Viewpoints 2--"Compositional work": Using The Viewpoints to create both individual and group works of original theatre. Compositions will be created both in and outside the classroom with a focus on intentionality with regard to the use of space, time, and source material. Available in Session 2. Prerequisite: Viewpoints 1 or instructor approval.

    • Viewpoints 3--Viewpoints in performance: The ensemble will create a group composition in class and then perform it in front of an audience. Act One of the performance consists of that group composition. Before intermission, the ensemble will conduct a Second City-style “pad set” with the audience in order to generate an ingredients list for a new composition. Intermission will be spent devising that composition based on the audience’s suggestions and then performing it for Act Two. Act Two’s composition will be discussed at the next class, re-performed, mashed-up with Act One, and re-performed as the new Act One in front of an audience, etc., etc., in order to create an ever-evolving work of art. Available in Session 3. Prerequisite: Viewpoints 2 or instructor approval.

    Specialty Immersions are courses in a particular topic often with special guest instructors. The Specialty Immersions run concurrently with our regular Improv and Writing Immersions. These are available as half-day or full-day sessions depending on the course.

    Specialty Immersions Tuition: Each course is priced individually. Check the course details for pricing.

    Prerequisites: Each Specialty Immersion will have its own prerequisites or acceptance can be given by permission of the program head. Previous training will be considered toward the prerequisites. Contact Adult Program Coordinator Stephanie Gruender at or call the Training Center at 312-664-3959 to obtain permission.

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  • Apr 1 2013

    The Second City Training Center is Calling Stand-up Comics for April 19th Showcase in Donny's Skybox

    Attention all stand-up comics who have ever taken a class (ANY class in ANY program) at The Second City Training Center:

    The Second City Training Center is accepting applications to perform at The SCTC Rapid-Fire Stand-Up Showcase.

    This one-time event will take place on Friday, April 19th, 2013, at 11pm in the Skybox Theatre. It'll be a short show -- no more than 50 minutes. Tickets will be free.

    We are seeking applicants who would like to perform a short set at the show. Set length will likely be 2.5 minutes. (We will also have two headliners -- also SCTC alumni -- who will do 7-minute sets, but they are already booked. You can only apply to do a short set.)

    You can apply here. FYI, here's the info that the application form will ask you for:

    • Your first and last name
    • Your stage name if it is different
    • One-paragraph performer's bio and/or one-paragraph description of what you've done stand-up wise
    • One-paragraph description of classes/programs you've taken at the SCTC
    • (Optional) Link to a video of you doing stand-up. Even if the production quality is not high, if you've got decent video, send it so we can see you doing stand-up.

    We are accepting applications now, and will stop accepting applications at 12 noon on Wednesday, April 10th. Note that we only have a small number of slots available. We will e-mail ALL applicants with our decisions, by 12 noon on Friday, April 12th. If you have questions, please email Please use subject line "Rapid-Fire Showcase" in your email.

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