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Second City Chicago

Music Program

The Second City Music Program is dedicated to helping students explore comedy's unique relationship to music through voice, improvisation and songwriting.

$345/$315 early registration per level, 3 hours, 8 weeks

Prerequisites: Audition required. Students MUST meet one of the following:

  1) Graduates of the Improv Program or Improv for Actors Program, or completion of a yearlong or equivalent improvisation training program.
  2) Completion of Music Improv Fundamentals
  3) Currently enrolled in or graduate of the Conservatory Program.
  4) Given special permission from the Training Center Music Director.
Check out our audition guide for helpful information!

If you have not completed the prerequisite requirements at The Second City, please submit your information via this submission form and your approval to audition will be confirmed or another program will be recommended for you.

The next auditions are on Saturday, December 20. Audition sign-up is available HERE or by contacting the Training Center office.

Current Music Improv students can REGISTER FOR CLASSES HERE.

Performances: Levels 1-3 and Level 5 culminate with a 30-40 minute show at the end of each term. Level 4 culminates with three or four 40-minute shows focused on long form musical improvisation. Level 6 culminates in a five-week run.


Music Improv 1 Audition required

    Improve your musicianship and apply your existing improv skills to this heightened genre through short-form musical games and techniques.

Music Improv 2

    Continue to strengthen musicianship and improv skills as you are guided through longer and more challenging forms, such as musical montages and fully improvised musicals.

Music Improv 3

    Explore and refine your technique through a wealth of hands-on exercises, games, and improvised musicals. This term focuses on instilling a command of musical theater styles essential to creating strong parody.

Music Improv 4

    Refine your musical improv techniques and test original material in front of an audience as you create a musical show that features both musical improvisation and musical scenes developed through improvisation.

Music Improv 5

    Build on the improvisational skills you have learned as you begin to generate scripted musical material through re-improvisation. This term focuses on creating original sketch comedy through songwriting tools, genre and style parody, and scenic exercises.

Music Improv 6

    Focus on the process of creating a musical sketch comedy show with a run in Donny's Skybox Theater. Performance will feature musical scenes and songs developed through improvisation.