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Second City Chicago

Acting & Scene Study

The Acting Program empowers the student with the necessary core skills to take responsibility of their own growth and learning as an actor. This program offers the student a unique method of acting that enables students to discover skills found in the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the human condition. Each level of the program builds upon the skills achieved from the previous one. Auditioning and working in the business will also be examined. Great for beginners or for actors who have been out of the classroom for a while.

$329/$299 early registration per level, 3 hours, 8 weeks
Acting 1 is offered every term

Prerequisites: No experience necessary. All students are requested to begin with Acting 1. Class levels should be taken in consecutive order.

Acting 1 TERM 2 2015

    Beginning Acting - The first level examines fundamental acting skills focusing on tools from the intellectual side of the human condition. These tools include play analysis, beat work and monologue work. The audition process will also be examined which will include resumes, headshots and audition etiquette.

Acting 2 TERM 2 2015

    Scene study - Level 2 focuses on partner work and skills taken from the emotional part of the human condition. Each student will be assigned a dramatic scene and partner while learning various tools like sense memory, emotional memory and personalization. Self esteem and building your confidence are vital parts to the emotional work as well.

Acting 3 TERM 2 2015

    Advanced scene study - Level 3 focuses on skills taken from the physical side of the human condition. Each student will be assigned a comic sketch and will be part of a ensemble piece with the whole class. Tempo, repetition, body placement and nonverbal communication are just a few of the tools examined.

Acting 4 TERM 2 2015

    Styles - Level 4 gives the student tools in which to approach any work with heightened physical or language elements and use all of the tools from the previous levels to create a well-rounded character.