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Second City Chicago

Developing Your Movie Idea: A Crash Course

Developing Your Movie Idea: A Crash Course February 9-10April 13-14

This two-day story workshop will demystify the process of developing a movie idea into a satisfying, feature-length screen narrative. Participants will be taken through a lively, step-by-step story development process in real-time, then watch the magic happen as the process is applied to their own ideas.

On Day 1, we will strength-test and improve each idea to ensure it has the stuff to sustain a feature. On Day 2, we will unlock each story’s major turns—from setup and inciting incident through showdown and resolution—so each participant leaves the workshop with an actionable road map to follow when writing his/her script.

Please bring to the table an original movie concept and strong main character—and come energized to work in a fun, collaborative environment.

$100, 3 hours, 2 days

Prerequisites: Open to all students

About the instructors: Gar & Beth Hoover are award‐winning screenwriters whose work has taken top honors at film festivals and writing competitions nationwide. They currently have several web series, short films and feature projects in development, and also produce branded entertainment content for corporate clients. In addition to serving on the faculty at Second City, the Hoovers teach in the Film and Digital Media program at Loyola University Chicago, where they developed the curriculum for the school's Story for Film & TV and Screenwriting courses. See some of their work at