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Second City Chicago

Humor Doesn't Retire: Improv for Seniors

For ages 55+

Learn Improv fundamentals with similarly-aged students. Improvisation expands your creativity, helps you think faster on your feet, work better with others and much more. Whether you want to socialize, stay mentally sharp, physically active or simply wish to participate in a fun weekly activity, improv is the answer. With over a half-century of teaching experience, The Second City is the most trusted and knowledgeable comedy training facility in the world.

Humor Doesn't Retire TERM 1 2015

Our eight-week class will build over time, from the basics of Improv to working on scenes and games with one another. You will be with the same group each week, and this option will provide a more focused and cumulative learning experience. Humor Doesn't Retire classes are broken into three sections – short form, character work, and scenes. A new section is covered each term, so you can keep building new skills each term. New students may enter at any point in the rotation.

$150, 2 hours, 8 weeks

Prerequisites: Open to all students ages 55+