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Second City Chicago

Improvisation for Actors

This program teaches trained actors the fundamentals of improvisation. Skills acquired in this class can be applied to scripted and non-scripted work.

Completion of IFA-2 fulfills the improvisation requirement for the Conservatory audition.


$329/$299 early registration per level, 3 hours, 8 weeks
IFA-1 is offered every term

Prerequisites: You must have a theater degree, be currently enrolled in a full-length collegiate theater program, or have the equivalent amount of professional training and/or experience. You must submit an acting résumé for consideration to be placed in IFA-1. Please submit your résumé to For faster registration it is recommended that you create a student profile for yourself when applying.

Improv For Actors 1 TERM 1 2015

    Covers the fundamental elements of scenic improvisation from creating environment to transformation.

Improv For Actors 2 TERM 1 2015

    Build improvisational skills while creating characters and discovering how those characters and their points of view affect a scene.


Improv For Actors Full Program TERM 1 2015

$649/$589 early registration, 3 hours twice per week, 8 weeks

    Complete Improv for Actors Levels 1 & 2 in just one term! This class meets twice a week to complete the full IFA program in one term.


Recommended Next Levels: Scenic Improv, Long Form Improvisation, Conservatory