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The Improv Program is a complete foundation in the principles of scenic improvisation as practiced at The Second City. Based in the work of Viola Spolin, this year-long program covers all elements of the improvisational process. Students begin in Level A with ensemble, environment, and object work and end in Level E by rehearsing and performing their own fully improvised show. Graduation from the Improv Program fulfills the improvisational prerequisite to audition for The Conservatory.

Performances: Final performances are held at the end of Improv Levels C-E. Class performance dates will be posted on the Training Center website by the second week of the term on the Class Performances page.

$329/$299 early registration per level, 2.5-3 hours, 8 weeks
Improv Level A is offered every term

Prerequisites: No experience necessary. Class levels should be taken in consecutive order.
Note: Students who have completed a degree program in Theater should consider taking the Improvisation for Actors (IFA) classes.

Improvisation A TERM 2 2015TERM 3 2015TERM 4 2015
Registration for some class times in future terms may be open. Additional class times will become available when registration for the term opens. Check our term calendar for upcoming term and registration dates.


    Building Blocks of Scenic Improvisation
    2.5 hours

Improvisation B TERM 2 2015

    Improvising Scenes
    3 hours

Improvisation C TERM 2 2015

    Introduction to Character Work
    3 hours

Improvisation D TERM 2 2015

    Advanced Scene and Character Work
    3 hours


Improvisation E TERM 2 2015

    Improvisation in Performance
    3 hours

Recommended Next Levels: Improv F(orever), Scenic Improv, Long Form Improvisation, Conservatory