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Second City Chicago

Improv for Anxiety for Teens

for ages 14-18


Improv for Anxiety for Teens TBA

This innovative class combines ensemble-based improv, along with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), to help teens overcome the fear and avoidance associated with social anxiety. A Second City instructor will lead the one hour class. At the end of the class, Becca Barish, LSW, from the Panic Anxiety Recovery Center will facilitate a one hour session applying improv and CBT to manage social anxiety. After each session, emails will be sent out to parents regarding parenting strategies that will complement your child’s goals.

Mark Pfeffer, Director of the Panic Anxiety Recovery Center, will provide a 1.5 hour orientation and post-service follow-up session to parents of teens who participate. Although “Improv for Anxiety” was developed for people with social anxiety, teens with other anxiety challenges are welcome to participate. Visit for more details.

Improv for Anxiety is also available as a course for adults.

$595, 2 hours, 14 weeks

Prerequisites: Pre-registration consultation required, prior to enrollment. Contact:
Becca Barish at 312-880-9406,
Mark Pfeffer at 312-543-4793,


Is the Improv for Anxiety Class right for me?

  1. Does being nervous or uncomfortable around other people keep you from doing things you want to do?
  2. Does your fear of public speaking or talking to teachers get in the way at school?
  3. Is being embarrassed or looking stupid one of your worst fears?
  4. Do you limit how involved you become with people because you are afraid of letting them get to know you? Do you worry that if people really knew you, they wouldn’t like you?
  5. Do you find yourself turning down invitations to social events because you know you would feel uncomfortable if you went?
  6. Does being the center of attention make you feel very uncomfortable and self-conscious?
  7. Do you worry about blushing or looking nervous in front of other people?
  8. Do you have trouble stating your opinion or asking for something you deserve because you worry about what others will think of you?
  9. Do you constantly worry people will make fun of you?