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Second City Chicago

Voiceover for Improvisers

Beginning Voiceover for Improvisers TERM 2 2015

Improvisation is a skill that is actively sought after in voiceover artists and this class is about helping the student discover what they will need to get started in the exciting and lucrative world of commercial and character voiceover. You will learn about mic technique, demos, the difference between radio and television reads, what kind of character reads are useful in the Chicago market, rates, tips, tricks and resources for building your career in the Chicago voiceover scene.

This class also includes:

    A visit from a voiceover agent for a Q&A
    A tour and recording session in a professional recording studio

$289, 3 hours, 5 weeks

Prerequisites: Improv Level B


Advanced Voiceover March 4-April 1

What is the most important thing that beginners lack when they go out into the professional voiceover world? Professional studio time. Join us at Audio Recording Unlimited, a working recording studio with lots of time behind the mic. This five-week advanced voiceover intensive expands on the beginning voiceover course. You'll learn how to manage multi-person reads, difficult copy, explore narration copy just like the pros, get copy specifically chosen for your voice type and, the pièce de résistance, an audition for an agent or voicecasting professional! We’ll also talk demos, the business of voiceover, what to expect when you get auditions, and everything else you need to know about getting the job.

The entire class takes place over five weeks at Audio Recording Unlimited, Chicago's premier recording studio located on Michigan Avenue. You'll work in a professional recording environment with a professional audio engineer and state of the art studio equipment that the pros use every day.

$395, 3 hours, 5 weeks

Prerequisites: Beginning Voiceover for Improvisers or instructor approval

Please note: This workshop will not be held at the Chicago Training Center. Students will need to go to ARU, 625 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 2400, Chicago IL 60611.