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Second City Chicago

Telling Your Story

Telling Your Story TBA
This workshop is not offered every term. If you would like to be informed when it becomes available, please click here.

Take personal experience and turn it into a story worth telling. Draw from your own life to find material that is honest and relatable and learn to tell your story in a way that's compelling and entertaining. This class is appropriate for students interested in bringing authenticity and polish to storytelling, solo performance, writing, and stand-up work.

$160, 3 hours, 4 weeks

Prerequisites: Writing 1 or Improv Level A

About the instructor: John Cates is a stand-up comedian and writer. Since enduring several major surgeries and chemotherapy treatment while battling cancer for the better part of 2007, John has incorporated a near-death life-changing series of nightmares into comedic performances that have been enjoyed by audiences of fellow survivors and perfectly healthy fans of disease-related humor alike. John also regularly does stand-up material about non-cancer-related life experiences whenever possible.