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Second City Chicago

Rising Stars!

Ages 6-8


Rising Stars! WINTER 2015

Students rehearse and present their own original musical theater show! Students create characters and dialogue which becomes scripted and scored by professional Second City writers and musical directors. Each class culminates in a final performance on a Second City stage.

$375/$350 early registration, 80 minutes, 14 weeks

Prerequisite: Imaginaction

Performance: Students must be available for the performance on the final day of class.

Camp Crayon (ages 6-8) The neighborhood kids on Dullard Street aren't creative. They never like to go out and play or have any fun. Their concerned parents decide to send the kids to Camp Crayon where the pictures they draw come to life.

The Little Red Hen (ages 6-8) The Little Red Hen and the rest of her friends love freshly baked goodies - but who wants to do all that work? Students in this class will re-create the popular children's story about setting goals and cooperation through music, movement and improvisation.

Mystery at the Circus (ages 6-8) When the ringleader turns up face down in the monkey cage, every animal's a suspect. This silly whodunit juggles song, dance, suspense and plenty of clowning around.

Peter and the Wolf (ages 6-8) Peter just won't take the Wolf seriously. Despite his grandfather's warnings, Peter leaves the garden gate open and goes wandering around with his animal friends. Luckily, Peter has some tricks up his sleeve for dealing with that pesky Wolf. Students will use improvisation and Story Theater techniques to perform their own version of Peter and the Wolf.

Rising Stars! is also available for ages 9-12.