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Second City Chicago

Scenic Improv

Scenic Improv 1 TERM 2 2015

Become a better improviser by concentrating on strong scene work. This course focuses on playing emotionally with your partner, using the environment, and progressing the action of a scene.

$329/$299 early registration, 3 hours, 8 weeks

Prerequisites: Completion of Level E, IFA-2, or one year of improvisation training with office approval.


Scenic Improv 2 TERM 2 2015

Approaching improvised scene-work using classical acting techniques in order to build a richer world in a moment. Know your character, know how your character relates to other characters, find true honest choices in your life that relate to these characters, and play the scene. Listen and react honestly. Acting in Improvisation will use tricks of the trade from Meisner to Viewpoints to ground your characters and advance your scene work.

$269, 3 hours, 7 weeks
Note: This class usually begins in the second week of a term.

Prerequisites: Completion of Scenic Improv 1 or acceptance into Conservatory.