John Candy Box Theatre

Students Rock the Nite



The Second City Training Centre students rock the stage. Each week a different class performs. From first time performers who need your warm laughter to seasoned students who are getting ready for their Graduation show.

Performances are on Sunday and Wednesday nights, times vary. Please refer to the schedule below.

***Please note, there are Conservatory Shows that also happen at The Mainstage Theatre. Please refer to The Mainstage Schedule on the Student Performances Page***

Minimum recommended donation $5


Wednesday, August 26th at 9pm (70 Peter Street) - Conservatory 1 (LS),
Improv Jam

Wednesday, August 26th at 9pm (99 Blue Jays Way) - Conservatory 2 (JG),
Conservatory 4 (FM)

Wednesday, September 9th at 9pm (99 Blue Jays Way) - Conservatory 2 (JG),
Conservatory 1 (LS)

Wednesday, September 16th at 9pm (99 Blue Jays Way) - Conservatory 3 (ES),
Conservatory 4 (FM)

Wednesday, September 23rd at 9pm (99 Blue Jays Way) - Conservatory 5 (SH),
Improv Jam

Wednesday, September 30th at 9pm (70 Peter Street) - Writing 4 (CH),
Conservatory 4 (FM)

Wednesday, October 7th at 9pm (99 Blue Jays Way) - Level D (FM),
Conservatory 2 (JG)

Wednesday, October 7th at 9pm (70 Peter Street) - Level C (IK), Level C

Wednesday, October 14th at 9pm (70 Peter Street) - Level C (KM), Level C

Wednesday, October 14th at 9pm (99 Blue Jays Way) - Conservatory 5 (SH),
Improv Jam

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