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Boat & Speed Ant

Boat & Speed Ant


Come aboard with this crew ready to rock your night and keep the funny alfoat! Boat is a long form group guaranteed to harbor laughter and never make you walk the plank! Set sail with Dwight Carter, Serenity Garcia, Tress Glenn, Dylan Hobbs, Kathryn Hammond, Charlotte Langley, Derick Otto, and Jonathan Wiggs. Coached by Captain Carla Cackowski. Music Direction by Sam Johnides

with GUEST: Speed Ant

Speed Ant is a two man improv group. Speed Ant is James SPEED Rich and Mike ANThony Morales. The two met while going through the fires of The Conservatory Program at Second City Hollywood. They quickly developed a rapport on stage together and took Dave Razowsky’s Twoprov Class together. They’ve been performing weird, character based improv ever since. Speed Ant is the most talented and most handsome improv group in America, according to their Mothers.

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